Architecture-Design-and-Built-Environment - Course - Material Technologies

  • Course Code: ARCH655
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: 2Lec
  • Course Type: Program Elective Course (PEC)

Course Description

This course investigates the relationship between the raw material, material produc¬tion and advanced material processing are vital to the creation of material-informed design processes. Through a deeper un¬derstanding of material capacities, assembly systems and join¬ing details, a highly differentiated use of material and fabrication process can be enabled. Students will investigate the material properties, and will grasp the vast array of advanced prod¬ucts and related state of the art fabrication technologies. The application of the acquired knowledge will be trained in practi¬cal fabrication exercises on joinery types and material proper¬ties. Nowadays the digital fabrication processes allow us producing a remarkable amount of assembling differentiated pieces without the need of mass production to achieve a reasonable cost.