Architecture-Design-and-Built-Environment - Course - Advanced Digital Design and Fabrication Studio II

  • Course Code: ARCH642
  • Credits: 6
  • Hours Distribution: 12STU
  • Course Type: Program Core Course (PCC)

Course Description

Second Module of Extended Course: Holistic design project covering a detailed architectural study of a building or group of buildings included in the urban study addressed in ARCH631. In-depth analysis and development of proposals within the contextual framework and identity, in addition to too Socio-Economic and environmental assessment of the project. Based on this line of research and investigation the aim of the course is to develop a Radical Innovative Architectonical proposal that will consist on a building or a properly justified and advanced part of it. The program will be an interactive architecture that dialogues permanently with the environment during its life, therefore reset all transformable elements to compensate and readjust environmental conditions to comfort habitable pre-set up conditions. Prerequisite: ARCH621.