Work Ready Now Course Delivery

10 February 2022


Work Ready Now! (WRN) is an internationally recognized soft skills course that has been taught in 26 countries worldwide to over half a million learners.
The Work Ready Now course is designed to provide students with the foundational “soft skills” and work-based learning experiences to prepare them for success in the workplace. Work Ready Now is designed to facilitate participatory, hands-on teaching and learning. Students are actively engaged in the learning process and provided with opportunities to practice and enhance new skills and gain the self-confidence necessary to secure and maintain work related to their professional goals. Work-based learning activities are woven into the course and will require students to go to real workplaces in the community outside of class time. Students are guided to use free online digital tools to demonstrate their learning. Throughout the course, students will create a career portfolio that will help them document their experiential Work Ready Now journey from student to employee.

This course is delivered as part of the Higher Education Capacity Development (HECD) Program, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by Education Development Center (EDC) in partnership with Florida State University (FSU).

This Course was delivered by Ms. Rachel Saad, Assistant Prof. of Business Administration using Zoom Meetings