When Organizations are in Action – DBA702 For Cohort 7

03 November 2023


The delivery of the course DBA702 - Organizations in Action to Cohort 7 marked an extraordinary shift in the learning experience. Dr. Fadi Hashem, a seasoned Senior Assistant Professor of Management and a distinguished senior certified trainer and consultant, spearheaded this transformative course. Departing from traditional methods, the course took the form of an interactive workshop, immersing participants in the art of reading, understanding, and analyzing organizations. Dr. Hashem's expertise, coupled with his role as the General Manager of ACT Leaders in Lebanon and a mentor at the Human Resources Development Fund in KSA, ensured a dynamic and insightful learning journey for Cohort 7. This innovative approach aimed to enhance practical skills and foster a deep comprehension of organizational dynamics, making it a standout experience in their academic pursuit.
The course was delivered upon 3 consecutive days, 3,4 and 5 November 2023, in the Seminar Rooms, B1, Beirut campus.