Towards improving the Quality of Workspaces for a Better Huma Performance in Lebanon


Abstract: The quality of built environment plays an essential role in defining human behavior. Nowadays, individuals spend most of their lifetime within all types of built environments, in particular, in work environment. Employees aspire for workspaces where they can fulfill their potential and satisfy their needs. Therefore, the design of workspaces is facing major challenges and requires several transformations in order to meet the various and diversifying demands and expectations of employees. The purpose of this research is to investigate the importance of improving the quality of workspaces. This research analyses the relationship between the quality of workspaces and the performance of employees. It explores the architectural design principles and environmental conditions leading to the quality of workspaces. Moreover, it sheds light on the existing of greenery within these workspaces. A qualitative research approach is used in this research. Two national case studies are taken into consideration; each case study is analyzed based on pre-determined parameters. The sample of research is selected randomly and an interview is separately conducted. The results confirmed that both two cases meet the requirements of quality, relevant to the workspaces’ design; as well as it showed that the employees had reported an increase in thei r performance. These results emphasize the necessity to create more national workspaces, implementing the concepts of quality and adopting international criteria of design for a better human performance. Keywords: Quality of Workspaces; Architectural Design; Environmental Psychology; Human Performance


Baher Ismail Farahat


Helga Alaeddine

Journal/Conference Information

the International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering,Conference Type: International, ISBN: 2673-1029 online, Organized By: The International Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM), Sri Lanka, Proceeding Format: Electronic editions, Conference Date: 03/12/2020,