‘Optimum windbreaker to reduce wind tunnel effect on occupant comfort at pedestrian level: A case study of BAU building in Tripoli


Shape, size, building orientation, and its interaction with the surrounding buildings can cause wind tunnel that affects pedestrian comfort. This paper aims to select the optimum windbreaker height and thickness for reducing the effect of wind tunnels on pedestrian comfort, by selecting the building of Beirut Arab University (BAU)-Tripoli campus as a case study. Different alternative designs have been simulated and compared with the comfort criteria of pedestrians to conclude the optimum solution that can be adapted to the selected building and on any other cases that have similar characteristics.


Dima Khoder Merhy

Journal/Conference Information

Architecture and Planning Journal (APJ),DOI: N/A, ISSN: 2079-4096, Volume: 26, Issue: 1, Pages Range: 1-10,