Role of Green and Open Urban Spaces in Developing and Promoting Valuable Residential Areas


Abstract—Green and opened urban spaces are considered vital elements in urban planning for their beauty and economical value, as they do constitute the urban constructional escape [Figure- 1]. Vegetation constitutes as well an important factor of the natural life and the environmental balance. Cairo City has excess need of green spaces within the residential quarters [Figure- 2] and the lack of green spaces that could be used for such purposes. In addition to the fact that the existing few spaces did not have the desired impact on both environmental and social sides, which is clearly reflected by the existence of old valuable densely populated areas with rare green and opened urban spaces destined to carry out different recreational and social activities. In fact, the area surrounding Al Sayeda Zainab mosque in the heart of Cairo is a typical example of other similar areas in Cairo, [Figure- 3] Research problem: In view of the absence of environmental spaces within the residential areas’ urban cluster and the lack and absence of resources to manage such areas, the problem consists of how to provide green opened spaces in populated quarters where residents can carry out their different life activities. This problem becomes more complicated when we deal with valuable populated areas. Research goals: The necessity of proposing a solution that builds a culture of green and opened urban spaces and shedding the light on the importance of orienting officers, concerned parties and users towards adopting methods that help in improving the urban situation. Methodology: Theoretical study:The research outlines the concepts related to green and opened urban spaces, the goals of building such spaces, the way they do meet the human needs and activities and their contribution into supporting the understanding of the life quality within the city. Field study:An architectural analysis of the study area. A questionnaire is carried out covering the area residents and spaces users of the area surrounding Al Sayeda Zainab mosque in order to identify the needs, the behaviour patterns, the activities and the reasons leading to accept or refuse an urban space. Keywords—Green spaces, opened urban spaces, development, life quality, area surrounding Al Sayeda Zainab Mosque.


Baher Ismail Farahat

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7th Annual International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE 2019) Indexed by SCOPUS,Conference Type: International, ISBN: Print ISSN: 2301-394X, E-Periodical ISSN: 2301-3958, Organized By: Global Science and Technology Forum Indexed by Scopus, Proceeding Format: Electronic editions, Conference Date: 05/27/2019,