Digital Design and Fabrication Technologies to Promote Values of Human Well-Being


Nowadays, thanks to technological development and knowledge, digital design has assumed a fundamental role in building human's well-being. No longer a mere functional element, today it is an interdisciplinary tool par excellence in the construction of new forms of relationship between human and his vital context. The process of design is the subject of many studies in the field of psychology or social science or technologies. Its wealth is based on its complexity and the variety of operating conditions that include during its progress. This paper studies how it is possible for digital design and fabrication technologies to promote human well-being with the aim of responding to the needs of every human being understood first as a person and not as an anonymous user. With the great development of technology, digital design and robotics are gaining the potential to be explored in the merging process of digital fabrication. This paper investigates on computer-aided integrated design and production using advanced automated tools, aiming to provide integrated solutions for the design and production of geometrically complex forms merged with machines restrictions that could serve as potential design parameters. Beyond functionality, comfort, and technology, this research proposes a conscious and creative dimension of living, offering an anti-stress formula for the design and daily management of the space. The paper will conclude by considering open issues and future work in the development of digital design approaches for human well-being.


Chadi El Khoury