Designing Non-stressed Psychological Public Spaces


Stress is considered the most nervous impact that affects human life due to pressure from many reasons, one of the external factors is the Built environment. The public space as a surrounding context plays a main effective role in human psychological mood whether negative or positive. The paper aims to evaluate urban public spaces, especially from the users' activities in relation to stress factors, these applied through public spaces in Tripoli city, Lebanon. The methodology will be through an analytical study using observation and a questionnaire to measure the types of users' activities in public spaces and their sense of pressure and stress. The results of this study are important to develop a methodology to design non-stressed psychological public spaces.


Eslam Mohamed Elsamahy

Journal/Conference Information

1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON URBAN HEALTH & WELLBEING UHWB2018,Conference Type: International, ISBN: 2617-1635,, Organized By: Beirut Arab University, Faculty of Architecture. Design and Built Environment, Proceeding Format: Print editions, Conference Date: 10/23/2018,