Architectural context Meanings and interpretations to support the project design approach


This paper focuses on the concept of architectural context by cultural and disciplinary nature. The research will have a theoretical and cultural part on one hand and an instructive and operative part on the other. The transition from the industrial society to the information society has brought profound changes, even for what concerns the architecture and the way of operating of the architects. The word context could be interpreted in three different meanings, the first meaning is used through the concept of the place where the focus is on a specific morphology of the site, and the second meaning is the case of the social, historical and cultural context that influences a condition of operating in a specific area. The third one is the combination of both and is formed and deformed by the architecture. This reflection of the context in its multiple meanings and interpretations gives structure and support to the decision making at the early stage of the project, the moments of conceptual research from which will flow throughout the design approach and then allows the creative stage of the project to occur. The research deepens the compositional aspects of some projects developed and built by pioneering architects during the last century that have significant attention of the relation with the context. By analyzing these significant architectures, it is possible to understand the links between these various projects and therefore developing a schematic graphic clarifying the examined aspects. At the time of their creation, these methods and strategies of architecture have provoked many reactions, positive and/or negative, but mostly exciting.


Chadi El Khoury

Journal/Conference Information

7th Annual International Conference on Architecture and Civil Engineering (ACE 2019),Conference Type: International, ISBN: 2301-394X, Organized By: Global Science and Technology Forum (GSTF), Proceeding Format: Print editions, Conference Date: 06/25/2019,