A child-friendly city: a youth creative vision of reclaiming interstitial spaces in El Mina (Tripoli, Lebanon)


Although old Arab cities were designed bottom-up to follow the needs of their users, public spaces for use by children were not fully considered. This paper is an outcome of a funded project that hosted 30 youth (aged 13–17 years old) from different parts of El Mina city, located in the North of Lebanon, Tripoli. The project’s aim was not limited to capacity building or designing a framework for youth participation as a vision for a child-friendly city alone, as it also demonstrated community participation with the youth to realize a design vision in an unused interstitial space by the youth in the ancient city of El Mina. The funded project consisted of many different stages; this paper focuses on the site selection, design process and the final stage of implementation. The results highlight the lessons learned from the youth’s participation, the adaptive reuse of interstitial spaces, in addition to the various interests of the project’s stakeholder DOI: 10.3846/cs.2019.6171


Nabil Mohareb


eslam elsmahy, Mary Felix

Journal/Conference Information

Creativity studies ,DOI: DOI: 10.3846/cs.2019.6171, ISSN: ISSN 2345-0479 / eISSN 2345-0487, Volume: 2019 Volume 12, Issue: Issue 1, Pages Range: 102-118,