The Impact of Using Nanomaterials in Lebanese Architecture


One of the most challenging scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century would have to deal with the involvement of nanotechnology in the process of developing sustainable energy production. In Fact, the developing countries, especially the Arab countries, were slow to react to the rise of nanotechnology. The interest in nanotechnology among the other promising technologies is related to the new phase of political reform and economic development in these countries. The lack of independent testing and the current dependence on manufacturer claims in determining the architectural and environmental performance of most Nano products could also delay adoption of nanotechnology in these developing countries. The research will review the impact of implementing these new technologies in the local building industry and how could be adopted to insure a sustainable environment. By using nanomaterial’s in architecture, it is expected that energy and raw materials consumption in public buildings.


osama Mohamed Omar

Journal/Conference Information

ICANM2017: International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced And Nanomaterials,Conference Type: International, ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-77136-577-2, Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada , Organized By: International Academy of Energy, Minerals & Materials P.O.Box, edited this volume. 62047, Proceeding Format: Electronic editions, Conference Date: 8/7/2017,