Landscape design elements as a defensive tool for building security


All over the world, many types of building and spaces have been targeted to be more secure because of the current political, social and cultural situation. Landscape elements can support the necessary concept of security. Landscape design elements have many purposes, such as functional, environmental and aesthetical aspects. One of these purposes is to ensure the defensive role that the design could apply to different zones of building security. The balance between security aspects and other aspects of landscape design is a must to achieve effective risk reduction without losing the identity of a building’s surrounding spaces. This paper aims to observe and analyse the efficiency of landscape elements in acting as defensive tools, through the different levels of security building zones (such as building parameter, building yard, sidewalks, parking line and street) in several case studies in the Middle East.


Mary Felix


Mostafa Elhefnawi

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The international conference on: Resilient & Responsible Architecture & Urbanism (RRAU), Gronlngen, Netherlands,Conference Type: International, Location: Netherlands, Organized By: IEREK, Proceeding Format: Print editions, Conference Date: 4/10/2018,