Folding: A Parametric Model to support the creative stage of Architectural Project


The use of architectural concepts in the designing of a project requires a combination of efforts; theoretical models are lacking in both substance and flexibility. This paper focuses on a parametric model, which has its foundation in contemporary society of information systems. This process gives structure to the decision making which then allows the creative stage of the project to occur. The process of architectural concept is subject of many studies in the field of science of drawing, or in cognitive science or informatics. Its wealth is based on its complexity and the variety of operating conditions that include during its progress. For our purposes, we will focus on the early stages of the project, the moments of conceptual research from which will flow throughout the design approach. This step is the founder of the architectural concept activity is largely associated with the creative dimension. We propose that this model will validate reconstructing the concrete steps of morphogenesis of reference objects. Then we will use the parametric model in a dedicated tool for architectural design. Our choice fell on this issue because the interactivity between the parts is a catalyst for a series of elements that helps the design process by raising the quality and operational modalities of this, creating a real "new aesthetic".


Dr. El-Khoury, Chadi