Disaster Response to Beirut Explosion


Ever since its inception in 1960, Beirut Arab University – as a non-profit Lebanese private higher education institution – has focused on human development, graduating over 100000 students from Lebanon and the Arab World in diverse fields of specialization.

The University has successfully surmounted challenges and crises, with an eye on fulfilling its mission towards its students.

This is founded on the University’s firm belief that education is the driving force towards a better future.

The recent calamity that has befallen Lebanon, affecting the entire Lebanese society, has also caused severe damage to the University’s buildings and facilities.

This is a further challenge added to the difficulties faced by the current crisis, and it is this challenge that drives Beirut Arab University to turn to friends, alumni, and supportive institutions.

Your contribution to repair sustained damage will allow the University to resume its mission in the face of the current financial and economic crises and to support our civic and healthcare services.

Your gift to Beirut Arab University will ensure the continuity of these vital services:

  • BAU Financial Aid/ Scholarship Programs
  • BAU Community Services
  • BAU Health Services
  • BAU Damage Support

Bank Name: BLOM BANK S.A.L.
Account Name: Beirut Arab University
USD Account IBAN: LB54 0014 0000 1902 3530 1650 0019
EURO Account IBAN: LB27 0014 0000 1904 3530 1650 0017
LBP Account IBAN: LB 8500 140000 1901 3040 16500013

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