Degree Requirements

To be eligible for graduation, students must request a “Degree Plan form” during the semester prior to the graduation semester. The Degree Plan form maps out all the completed courses as well as the remaining courses relevant to the chosen major. This ensures that all the degree requirements have been met. The Degree Plan form must be completed under the supervision of the academic advisor with copies supplied to the Registrar’s Office and the faculty academic coordinator. The student must also provide a student clearance statement and should meet the following requirements:

  • The completion of his/her studies within a period not exceeding double the standard study duration to receive a degree in the chosen major.
  • Students must fulfill the minimum credit hour requirements for all types of courses including Mandatory Courses, Elective Courses, University Courses, etc. required in the major as specified in the curriculum of the relevant faculty. Student must also fulfil the university requirements by earning the ICDL certificate within the first four semesters of his study.
  • The final CGPA grade must be at least 2.00 in order to attain the relevant academic degree. Otherwise, students must repeat one or more courses to get their CGPA up to at least 2.00.
  • Each faculty or department reserves the right to impose added requirements for specialized courses, or getting a higher GPA.
  • In order to graduate with Honor, students must attain a CGPA of at least 3.67, and should not have received a grade less than C in any course or received any warnings for violating the university regulations during their enrolment.