Courses Transfer

Based on the recommendations of the Department and the Faculty Councils, in coordination with the Student Affairs Department, and upon the University Council’s approval, the student is exempted from any courses previously taken in another university or faculty provided that:

  • The transferred courses are comparable in scientific content and in the number of credits to the BAU courses which are required to attain the desired degree.
  • The student has already passed these courses with a GPA not less than C or its equivalent percentage in the yearly system.
  • General knowledge courses can be transferred from other universities, without being compared with equivalent BAU University Elective courses, as long as their credit count does not exceed 50% of the required BAU University Elective credits.
  • Whether completed at BAU or at any other university, the course(s) completion date(s) must not exceed 5 years, otherwise: interview.
  • The total transferred credit hours should not exceed 50% of the total number of credit hours required to obtain the relevant major degree.