Nour Wehbi

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Nour Wehbi

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

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Nour Wehbi


Nour wehbi is currently a full-time lecturer and ph.D candidate of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering Department, Beirut Arab University. She accomplished her ME. Degree in structural engineering at Beirut Arab University in 2016.Currently, she is being enrolled in teaching several courses related to structural analysis and design.


  • Elementary Structural Analysis
  • Statics
  • Foundation
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Civil Drawing

Journal Publications

  • Wehbi N., Masri A., “Fire Resistance of Built-up Steel Section Completely Encased in Concrete”, Journal of Engineering Science & Technology Review, November 2017.

Conference Proceedings

  • Wehbi, N., and Masri A., “Numerical Model of the Fire Resistance of Totally Encased Built-up Steel Section”, Proceedings of the 2nd European & Mediterranean Structural Eng. & Construction Conference (EURO-MED-SEC- 2), American University of Beirut, Beirut Lebanon, July 2018. To be published by ISEC press

Professional Society Membership

  • Member of the Lebanese Syndicate of Engineering, (2015).
  • Member of the Beirut Arab University Alumni Society, (2015).


  • BE with excellent degree from Beirut Arab University