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Roula Abiad

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Roula Abiad

Associate Professor of Endodontics

Roula Abiad is Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at Beirut Arab University (BAU) in Beirut, Lebanon, she also works there as Director of Endodontic Division and Assistant Professor of Endodontics. Dr Abiad earned her Bachelor degree in Dental Surgery from BAU where she also pursued, after dental graduation, a one-year program in Advanced General Dentistry and a two-year advanced training program in Fixed Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry. After this intensive postgraduate path, she earned a Master’s degree in Endodontics (also from BAU), after which she graduated from Cairo University with a "Doctorate of Dental Sciences - D.D.Sc." degree in Endodontics. In terms of basic research, Dr Abiad has actively worked on coronal microleakage, in-vivo LASER Doppler flowmeter measurement, surface cleaning and smear layer removal of root canal walls, bacterial eradication of endodontic canals, treatment of necrotic primary molars, and effect of sonic, passive ultrasonic, and laser energies on root canal dentin walls as well as intraradicular restorative techniques for debilitated teeth rehabilitation. She has also published (in Lebanon , Egypt , Canada, Spain and United Kingdom) on evaluation of teeth pulp condition, use of laser Doppler flowmeter for detection of tooth vitality, use of CBCT in endodontics, and emergency treatment of pulp and periapical disease and retreatment of endodontic failure, treatment of abnormal root canal anatomy, and clinical efficiency of minocycline. In addition to numerous presentation on students self-assessment methods and effect.

Besides her numerous academic and clinical responsibilities, Doctor Abiad is the vice president of the Lebanese Society of Endodontics, she is also a member in the scientific reviewer board of the International Arab Journal of dentistry ( IAJD) and the Journal of the Lebanese Dental Association (JLDA). At BAU Faculty of Dentistry, she also works as member of IRB committee, research committee, E-learning coordinator, member of advisory committee, and member of the Faculty Council.


Teaching Experience

Throughout the working experience and teaching as instructor of conservative dentistry, lecturer then Assistant Professor of endodontics at Beirut Arab University University then as Assistant professor of Endodontics, many topics and aspects of the main speciality of endodontics has been taught. Root canal anatomy, Instruments and Biomechanical instrumentation, Root Canal Obturation, Retreatment of Failure. Diagnosis And Treatment Planning of Pulp And Periapical Diseases, Microbiology of The Root Canal, Pharmacology In Endodontics, Root Resorption, Vital Pulp Therapy And Revascularisation, Traumatic Injuries, Procedural Accidents in Endodontics; Prevention And Management. Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instruments, Endodontic Periodontal Interrelationship; Geriatric Endodontics. Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth, Structural and Esthetic Consideration; Sonic and Ultrasonic Instruments in Endodontics; Bleaching of Discolored Teeth. Magnification and Illumination in Endodontics and Endodontic Microsurgery.

Research Interest

Research interest:

· Regenerative Endodontics

· Biology of Pulpal / Periradicular Diseasesand their correlation with Systemic diseases

· Demographics/Epidemiology of Pulpal and Periradicular Diseases

· Assessment of New Technology (New Instruments, Materials,Imaging, devices and techniques)

· Endodontic Microbiology


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M. M. Rayan, N. Sayed, G. Ayash, R.S. Abiad. Comparison of Intraradicular Restorative Techniques for Rehabilitation of Single Rooted Debilitated Teeth Egyptian Dental Journal vol 60, July 2014

K. Sharkas, R. S. Abiad. Mandibular Second Premolar with Three Root. Canals: A Case Report. JLDA, volume 48- Nb1- June 2013

R. S. Abiad. Computer Enhanced Learning for Dental Students, Presented at the 39thADEEAnnual Meeting - Birmingham, UK. August 2013

R. S. Abiad, S. Ibrahim, M. Kataia, M. Abdelazim. Evaluation of teeth pulp condition, treatment plan, and prognosis; a comparative study in a group of diabetic and non-diabetic patients. Cairo Dental Journal; 26 (3), 759-65, 2010



Student of The Year 2000 Award (BAU )