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Nael AlSarrag

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Faculty of Architecture - Design And Built Environment

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Nael AlSarrag

Assistant Professor in Interior Architecture

Dr. Nael AlSarrag, Assistant Professor of Interior Design at Faculty of Architecture: Design and Built Environment, Beirut Arab University, currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. He has over 22 years of experience in both academic and professional field. Dr. Nael is a Ph.D. and M.Sc. holder in Interior Design from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Interior Architecture Department of Alexandria University. His Ph.D. dissertation emphasized in “Scientific Modalities for Administrative Space Planning and Its Effects on Job Performance Efficiency & Space Design.” He had a head start inventing a unique innovative software for office space planning, his M.Sc. dissertation emphasized in “Interior Architecture Project Management.” which had a great impact on his professional and practical experience.

Dr. Nael also has a strong experience and commitment to innovative teaching practices, He also has a strong cultural awareness, concern about (SDG) Sustainable Development Goals, low-cost interior solutions, the re-use, adaptation, transformation, renovation, and rehabilitation of existing interior places, with advanced visualization, he have also a good experience in digital fabrication with robot arm & other gadgets, as well as various specializations, interfacing with and nurturing relationships with design professionals and the community, and always up-to-date on current design trends.