Virtual conference On Challenge and Resilience in Contemporary Societies

19 April 2022


Under the patronage of the President of Beirut Arab University, Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, the Faculty of Human Sciences organized a virtual conference entitled “Challenge and Resilience in Contemporary Societies”. The participation of the conference included in addition to the Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences Professor Mayssah El-Nayal , Professor Alexandre Najjar and Dr. Carol Arora from Angers University - France, Dr. Michel Abou Khalil, Director of the Swiss Cultural Center in Crans-Montana - Switzerland, Professor Nadia Isskandarani and Dr. Sophie Salloum from Beirut Arab University, Dr. Crystal Stephen Hayek from Saint Joseph University, Dr. Abdel Fattah Nasser Idris from Ibn Zohr University Agadir - Morocco, Dr. Elham Salim Hoteit and Ms. Lama Farhat from the Lebanese University.

The conference aimed to develop strategies for the individual to maintain his internal balance as well as to ensure sound relations between different societies, where researcher Boris Cyrulnik, defined resilience as the individual's ability to re-emerge after overcoming risks and difficulties.

The conference addressed three themes:

1- Resilience and Literature: the individual in the face of risks.

2- Resilience and Social and Human Ties.

3- Resilience and the societal and educational environment.

After a welcoming speech from Professor Nadia Isskandarani, Professor of French Department at Beirut Arab University, she mentioned the "increasing use of the term resilience in international organizations' statements and media platforms as a call to confront dangers and crises and help individuals and societies rise and continue to live."

Then the Faculty Dean, Professor Mayssah El-Nayal, spoke about “Resistance in its psychological definition which is the mental and emotional ability to overcome pressures and negatives and deal with them in a way that helps us to continue, adapt and adjust. Despite the successive crises of Lebanon, I firmly believe that Lebanon will recover and rise like a phoenix from under the ashes”.

Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, President of the University, said in his speech, “Crises began successively in Lebanon since 2019, until they economically, socially and health aggravated till the explosion of August 4, but despite that, I am convinced that Lebanon shall overcome this crisis despite the difficulties and challenges it faces. Here lies the importance of this conference to look in the major contributions made by the humanities, literature and education towards a better understanding of human nature.”

In conclusion, the researchers presented a study on the Lebanese situation in its resistance under the influence of various pressures, after the quarantine, Beirut Port Explosion disaster, and the economic, health and educational conditions. The researchers have recommended to continue the human studies and work on a confident study of researches that help in rebirth.