Two awards from American Society of Civil Engineers to BAU students

15 April 2020


The ASCE Student Chapter at Beirut Arab University has received two awards granted by the American Society of Civil Engineers. The chapter is exceptionally proud to receive such a unique award that is granted only to the top Student Chapters in every region.

The ASCE Student Chapter at BAU received “The 2020 ASCE Distinguished Award for Region 10”. This award is given annually to the most outstanding Student Organization in every region where the ASCE Region 10 includes all countries outside of North America.

The chapter is also beyond gratified to get the “2020 Richard J. Scranton Outstanding Community Service Award”. This award was named in recognition of Richard J. Scranton, a long-time supporter and advocate for students. His efforts promoted community service as an integral part of ASCE Student Chapter activities.  The Chapter received the award for its exemplification of the tradition of public service that Mr. Scranton believed was an essential element of the student learning experience. The award is presented annually to the only Student Chapter in the world demonstrating excellence in community service and global citizenship.

The two awards fully demonstrate the great efforts in enhancing the chapter and ensuring that all civil engineering students have benefited the most from this chapter academically, socially, and practically. The Awards exemplify the role of the chapter in enhancing the student’s learning experience and the importance of having civil engineering students involved in truly making a difference in their communities, nation, and the world.

These awards reflect the chapter’s achievement, its important progress that is accomplished by teamwork, its hard work, and the esteemed guidance that paid off. They also exhibit the dedication and the skills of BAU’s students as well as the continuous support of BAU towards the enhancement of student life. Receiving these awards comes up at a time of huge uncertainty, but it is only another push that makes BAU insist on excelling in doing its missions under all circumstances and beyond any difficulties.