The participation of the Faculty of Architecture at Beirut Arab University in launching the field survey of the damaged buildings in Beirut after the bombing

17 August 2020


A field survey project concerning the public safety and the damaged buildings was launched under the auspices of the Governor of Beirut City, Judge Marwan Abboud, at the Order of Architects and Engineers on the 12th of August 2020. This meeting gathered all the related public and private institutions including the mayor of Beirut, Eng. Jamal Itani, the president of the syndicate, Jad Tabet, the general director of Heritage, Mr. Sarkis Khoury, in addition to a large number of engineers and representatives of the concerned authorities of the reconstruction and planning.

During these meetings with the Lebanese authorities, the Faculty Dean focused on the necessity of coordination between all the sectors of the Lebanese society, including universities that can play a major role to overcome this disaster the soonest possible. In addition, she emphasised on the need to pay great attention on restoring the damaged heritage based on scientific principles and taking advantage of specialist’s experiences as a part of preserving the architectural identity of our cities. This requires gathering all the efforts of academic staff, students and specialists within a comprehensive strategy plan to survey all the damages using geographic information system (GIS), which will be achieved by the OEA.

Accordingly, Prof Ibtihal confirmed putting all the capabilities of the Faculty, professors and students, as well as the BAU Urban lab facilities and expertise. She also stressed on the importance of studying the existing situation of the historic buildings in the affected areas, the methods of protecting them, and the ways of preserving distinct architectural character of the region while developing the needed studies necessary for reconstruction of the city.