The Impact of Crisis on Culture and Human Behavior Virtual Conference

30 March 2021


The Faculty of Human Sciences at Beirut Arab University organized an International Virtual Conference via Zoom, entitled “The Impact of Crisis on Culture and Human Behavior”.
The idea of the conference emerged from the aftermath of the Beirut Port Blast in response to the great pain, suffering and losses sustained. The conference opened with welcoming speeches by Prof. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of Beirut Arab University; Prof. Mayssah El Nayal, Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences; Mr. Jean-Noel Baleo, the Director of the AUF Middle East Office, and Prof. Nadia Iskandarani, the organizer of the conference.
The Virtual Conference included Speakers from Morocco, Jordan, St. Joseph University, the Lebanese University and Beirut Arab University whereby Prof. Iman Bastawisis, Professor of Anthropology at the American University of Cairo and Cairo University, gave the keynote speech, followed by four sessions.
Interventions tackled the issues that arose from the crises, and the ways in how to deal with particularly the material and human problematics. Topics included how culture can deal with such crises, the role of the intellectual in the wake of the disaster that has befallen Beirut, as well as such crises as the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic and the diverse aspects of collapse.
Dr. Michel Abu Khalil, Directeur de l’Association Swiss, gave an insightful talk about “Injured Art” which arose after the Beirut Port Blast. The attendees enriched the conference with discussions, in particular from Lebanon, France, Morocco, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt.