The Faculty of Engineering at BAU Attains ABET International Accreditation of Five Programs

28 August 2019


As part of Beirut Arab University's strategy to ensure quality education, the Faculty of Engineering obtained International Accreditation from ABET for five of its programs:

1. Civil Engineering (Debbieh and Tripoli)

2. Mechanical Engineering (Debbieh and Tripoli)

3. Electrical Power and Machines Engineering (Debbieh and Tripoli)

4. Industrial Engineering (Debbieh)

5. Communications and Electronics Engineering (Tripoli)

Accreditation of the Electronics and Communications Engineering Program in Debbieh was also renewed.

This accreditation is a platform that strengthens the Faculty’s confidence and an indicator of the great effort exerted to promote best practices in education. The link between ABET Accreditation and globalization is a requirement which ensures the Faculty’s graduates where they can employ their talents internationally. This accreditation is key to helping BAU prepare engineers to be part of the global workforce.

Beirut Arab University has identified accreditation as one of its goals which is now being achieved at the Faculty of Engineering. This shall be a threshold towards excellence as BAU is a dynamic influential educational institution in Lebanon and the region. BAU also aspires to prepare engineers who can help solve social and engineering challenges in the 21st Century through innovative and workable solutions.