The Endowment of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan brings together Beirut and the Arabs and launches a cooperation initiative for associations, institutions and active figures

29 February 2024


Houry: The Endowment Book is clear, open, and available to everyone

The Endowment of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan commemorated the eighty-eighth anniversary of its founding and launch, in a massive celebration hosted by Beirut Arab University, which witnessed the launch of the Endowment’s “Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan Cooperation Initiative” to emphasize a set of Beirut and Arab constants and commitments that achieve integration and restore cohesion to society and its institutions.
The ceremony was attended by current and former politicians, diplomats, judges, unions, educational, municipal, security forces, development, media, and civil figures, represented by the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic, Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian, the muftis of the regions, members of the Supreme Islamic Sharia Council, heads of institutions affiliated with Dar al-Fatwa, and presidents Najib Mikati, Fouad Siniora, and Saad Hariri, represented by Minister Samir Al-Jisr and Minister Tammam Salam, represented by the Minister Rashid Derbas and President Dr. Salim Al-Huss , represented by Mrs. Wydad Al-Hoss, , along with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, H.E. Dr. Waleed Bukhari, Ambassador of Egypt  H.E.  Mr. Alaa Moussa, Ambassador of Jordan Mr. Walid Al-Hadid  represented by Dr. Hamdi Al-Haisat, Ambassador of Palestine H.E. Mr. Ashraf Dabbour, represented by Mr. Khaled Al-Abadi, the Consul General of Egypt Mr. Mohammad Al-Mashhad, and Ambassador of Turkiye represented by Mr. Jalal Targhad Kush, and the Ambassador of Iraq represented by Counselor Nour Abboud, , along with a member of the Egyptian Senate, the Director of the Library of Alexandria, Professor Ahmed Zayed, the Vice President of the University of Alexandria, Professor Saeed Allam, the Chief of Editors, Joseph Al-Kossaifi, members of the Board of Trustees of the Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan Endowment, Beirut Arab University, the University President, Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, the heads of Beirut unions and associations, and principals of secondary schools and of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan schools.
The ceremony began with a recital of ten verses from the Holy Qur’an, recited by the Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Al-Baili, and after the Lebanese national anthem, an illustrated historical overview of the history of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan was presented, which included the achievements of the endowment’s institutions, their expansion, and their distinction between the past and the present, all the way to the challenges of the future.
The event was hosted by Dr. Omar Al-Farouk Nakhal, who described the endowment of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan as an idea that established the concept of institutional humanity, a civilizational moment that broke the locks of ignorance, and an original, pure approach that listened to people, and included them in the challenges of success, and wrote their names proudly on the front pages of the stations and entitlements, pleased with  the harvest of ears of gold that shine in Lebanon and the whole world.
Then came a speech by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Endowment of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan and Beirut Arab University, Dr. Ammar Houry, in which he focused on the continuation of the path of the first founders of the endowment, pledging to achieve additional achievements despite all the challenges, including good news that the endowment of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan will bring to the Lebanese society soon.
Dr. Houry also included in his speech that the destiny of the endowment of Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan is effort, giving, and determination to succeed, because failure is forbidden, adding that the endowment and its institutions are a clear transparent open book, and its details are available to everyone. He reviewed a number of honorary events scheduled for faces who shined and distinguished themselves in endowment work, by naming a number of university halls in Beirut and Tripoli by their names, and the opening of new facilities that immortalize their names.
Houry devoted his speech to the current Islamic community, and the utmost need for cooperation, solidarity, cohesion, and transcendence of all matters that divide.
In this context, Dr. Houry announced the launch of the “Al-Birr and Al-Ihsan Cooperation Initiative” based on commitment to the authority and symbolism of Dar Al-Fatwa and its institutions, so that we do not bypass them, nor bypass their institutions, nor harm them, and if there is a difference of opinion, it is inevitably resolved under this roof.
The initiative wishes His Eminence the Mufti of the Lebanese Republic to invite our institutions, associations, and active figures to a meeting to affirm this commitment, the constants, and the ways of integration in our society, and for the meeting to issue a code of honor, in which we rise above selfishness, and in which we pledge to renounce differences, and to join hands and hearts, we all adhere to it, respect it, and resort to it when needed.
Dr. Houry also stated that this initiative does not contradict or harm any of the other components of the Lebanese society, but rather integrates with the national and Arab constants that we agreed upon in the Taif Agreement, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and which became at the beginning of the constitution.
The ceremony included pauses with testimonies from figures and men who lived the idea of endowment of Al-Barr and Al-Ihsan, praising the efforts of the founders and the movement of achievement and excellence that accompanied it for eighty-eight years.
The endowment’s website, which documents the history of Al-Barr and Al-Ihsan, was also announced.