Beirut Arab University hosted Former Egyptian Prime Minister Engineer Ibrahim Mahlab entitled "The Development of the Arab Countries in Light of the Challenges Facing the Region" in the presence of HE Prime Minister Mr. Saad Al-Hariri represented by his Consultant Dr. Ammar Houri, Egyptian Ambassador Mr. Nazih Al-Najari and a crowd of interested audience. 

BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi introduced Engineer Mahalb’s

 achievements starting from managing the Arab Contractors Company to becoming Prime Minister during a difficult period in the history of Egypt in 2014. Prof. El-Adawi also told of how Mahlab marked the public, economic and the social life with his dynamism and good management.

Mahlab’s speech focused on "the economic and developmental successes that Egypt was able to achieve during the past five years only through a clear strategic vision, a firm will to overcome the challenges and strenuous efforts to stabilize the pillars of the state, restore security and stability and defeat terrorism." 

He also reviewed the successes achieved by Egypt within a short period of time through “eliminating terrorism, controlling the security chaos in the Egyptian street, increasing monetary reserves, expanding major development projects, creating jobs, reducing inflation and solving the electricity crises in addition to guaranteeing basic services."

"The government managed to achieve social justice through a series of programs and initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty and slums, building new cities and communities, and providing support at several levels for the eligible," Mahlab continued.

Mahalab also pointed out that the “nearly-completed massive tunnel projects will link Sinai with the city centre,” stressing that “the Arab Region can draw inspiration from the Egyptian experience in achieving success, mainly because we have the capability, the will and the resources that will help us advance." 

The lecture ended with a series of questions and interventions from the attendees. President El-Adawi presented BAU’s shield of Appreciation to Mahlab as a token of appreciation and gratitude