The Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt At Beirut Arab University

10 March 2020


The Ambassador of Arab Republic of Egypt in Lebanon Dr. Yasser Mohammad Alawi has visited Beirut Arab University in return for an invitation from President Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi and held a meeting during which they discussed various aspects of cooperation.

The Ambassador accompanied by the President of the University, Vice Presidents, Faculty Deans and the Secretary General toured all the facilities and laboratories of the university in Debbieh and Beirut campuses, Faculty of Dentistry Outpatient Clinics, Digital Manufacturing Laboratory at the Faculty of Architecture, the Health Care Center, the Museum of Books and Manuscripts, Rifaat El-Nimer Trading Room in financial markets as well as the modern laboratories for drug manufacturing at the Faculty of Pharmacy.

In this occasion, Professor El Adawi has presented a demonstration about the university, its academic, scientific and technical development which enhanced the position of its graduates locally, regionally and internationally, in addition to the importance of accrediting its scientific programs from international prestigious bodies.