Touch is the sense of solace and serenity. It is an invitation to feel calm and to meditate about the present not the difficult past or challenging future. This is reflected in Dr. Yasmin Dabbous at her exhibition “Tactility” hosted at BAU - Beirut Campus in the presence of BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, deans, administrative staff, students and a crowd of interested audience. The exhibition included paintings created via digital collage, printed and embroidered on canvas, representing the seven Lebanese crafts. A specific zone was assigned to practise the sense of touch besides which are some crafts, representing the world's civilizations, art and design. After the Lebanese Anthem, Rima Chehab introduced the event saying, "Crafts need hands, and professions require minds while art involves the heart, the mind and the hands. That is why BAU has always encouraged its students to develop their artistic skills besides their academic studies." President El-Adawi assured that “BAU always welcomes distinguished artists, and today’s exhibition is an expression of the Artist’s own philosophy. It is as if she is telling a story that dates back to a certain period of time." El-Adawi stressed the fact that “BAU has always been keen to develop and expand its cultural season year after year. The BAU cultural season is, in fact, a plan to activate the artistic and cultural activities that help develop the students’ artistic skills and encourage them to be involved.” Artist Dabbous declared that “Tactility describes the thing that calls for touching which we praise within one framework, usually that of love, because touching plays a great role in our sense of security and tranquillity.”