The Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University inaugurated the Mediterranean Architecture Exhibition "Seven Italian Architects in Beirut" in Debbieh Campus in collaboration with the Forum of Mediterranean Architecture (FAM), a cultural and scientific forum that includes a group of distinguished architects from the various countries of the Mediterranean. The inauguration was attended by Head of Beirut Order of Engineers and Architects Jad Tabet, Head of the Forum of Mediterranean Architecture Dr. Ali Bou Ghneima, BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture Design and Built Environment Professor Ibtihal El- Bastawisi, Deans, members of the Chouf Municipality, the delegation of the Italian architects, directors, students, and a crowd of architects. The event began with the Lebanese National Anthem and the University Anthem followed by a short film about BAU. Afterwards, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment Professor El-Batawisi delivered her welcome speech, saying that “the Faculty of Architecture believes in the importance of communication and exchange of experiences at the Local, Regional and International levels which is reflected in our openness to the schools of architecture worldwide. This is translated through our participation in the exchange programs with international universities, organizing scientific trips to the European and Arab countries, hosting a number of scientific workshops in addition to obtaining International Accreditation from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), which rendered the faculty a pioneer in the field of architecture." Continuing in her speech, she said that, “The faculty is greatly interested in organizing International Conferences on the issues of architecture and architectural education. After the success of the “Rethinking Architectural Education: Towards a Better Practice” Conference organised in collaboration with RIBA, we are now preparing for the “Urban Health & Wellbeing Building Collaborative Intelligence for Better Lives in Cities UHWB2018” which will be held on 23-25 October, 2018 in collaboration with the ICSU.” In Conclusion, she pointed out “the faculty is working at the local level to consolidate the partnership with the major engineering companies in Lebanon and the Arab world, in addition to permanent and constructive cooperation with the Lebanese army, Order of Engineers and Architects, municipalities and civil society organizations.” The Head of the Forum of Mediterranean Architecture Dr. Ali Bou Ghneima indicated that “this exhibition is for a group of Italian Architects who have visited the region more than once. Today, the exhibition is held at BAU, which is considered a prestigious university especially after obtaining accreditation from the RIBA. It is worth mentioning that the Jordanian universities are following in BAU’s steps to obtain a similar privilege. We know that the journey is long and arduous, but we believe that only through authenticity and determination that we can achieve success similar to BAU’s.” For the Head of Beirut Order of Engineers and Architects Jad Tabet mentioned that this activity “ presents the architectural works of a group of contemporary Italian architects and falls within a long context which characterized the architectural arena in Lebanon through its openness to the world and the participation of Arab and Foreign Engineers, individually or in cooperation with the Lebanese Architects, in producing some of the most famous features of which we are proud today.” President of BAU Prof. El-Adawi considered that “architecture has no limits and is influenced by the surrounding environment. Italian Architecture had an impact on some Mediterranean Countries such as Beirut and Alexandria but was also influenced by the Arab Architecture, which means that architectural exchange is never limited to a specific area.” He hoped that "students would benefit from the expertise presented in this exhibition as BAU is keen to exchange knowledge in all specialties through seminars, conferences and workshops." The event concluded with President El-Adawi presenting Captain Tabet and the Italian Architects with BAU shields.