The Faculty of Engineering and the "ASCE-Student Chapter" at Beirut Arab University – Debbieh campus hosted a seminar titled "The Road Safety in Lebanon", delivered by Major Michel Moutran VP Secretary General of National Road Safety Council in Lebanon, and Mr. Kamel Ibrahim, Co-founder and Manager of Lebanese International Road Safety Academy. The event was attended by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Professor Adel Al-Kurdi, aimed to shed light on some of the traffic accidents’ statistics in Lebanon, their scientific reasons and strategies to reduce their number. It was also intended to introduce the students to the reality and challenges of road safety and traffic in Lebanon. This meeting came as part of the Road Safety Project held in cooperation with the European Union and the Middle East universities from Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. To this end, and in keeping with its commitment to the project, BAU launched the Master Degree of Traffic Safety in the Department of Civil Engineering in cooperation with the European Union. The seminar started with the Lebanese Anthem and BAU’s Anthem followed by Major Moutran’s speech in which he pointed out that "safe road traffic has become an obsession among all citizens and daily accidents have become a concern for the people and the officials as well.” "Our aim is to reduce traffic accidents to a minimum level by introducing laws and regulations, raising people’s awareness of the resulting damage and losses and training children on proper traffic behavior,” Moutran continued, stressing the fact that “a good citizen enjoys a traffic-educated personality and sets an example for others.” In this context, Mr. Kamel Ibrahim, Co-founder and Manager of Lebanese International Road Safety Academy pointed out that the percentage of accidents in Lebanon is high compared to its population, and the majority of male victims are between 15 and 29 years old, bearing in mind that the rates are on an upward trend. No one can ignore the efforts of the Traffic, Trucks and Vehicles Management Authority at the Ministry of the Interior which is concerned with the implementation of traffic laws and regulations though these efforts can never lead to the desired results in terms of reducing traffic accidents unless they are supported by a government strategy that gives priority to plans in order to reduce the death rate on the roads. The ceremony included promotional movies about the project with the participation of a number of artists and media figures followed by a live simulation of the evacuation of people stuck in a car after a traffic accident conducted by the Internal Security Forces in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces, Civil Defence and the Lebanese Red Cross.