Under the auspices of the Director General of the Internal Security Forces Major General Imad Othman, and in cooperation with Beirut Arab University, Irchad and Islah Association organized a ceremony for the distribution of certificates to the participants in the fourth training course for the enhancing workshop for “Preparing Inmates at the Lebanese Prisons”. The event, which was held at Beirut Campus, came as part of the Human Rights Program at the Social Work Department under the slogan "Together we learn and collaborate for a society that seeks mercy and justice". The workshop included 25 trainees from all Lebanese regions including sociology, psychology and law students, as well as lawyers, human rights activists, journalists, representatives of community associations and international organizations, in addition to 20 members of the Internal Security and General Security Forces.

The event started with the Lebanese National Anthem followed by a welcome speech by the event presenter Lawyer Khaled Takkoush. The trainees’ speech was delivered by Psychologist Layal Khalifa, who referred to her personal experience during this course, saying “It is in everyone's interest that the prisoners return to society after the end of their sentences, more willing to lead a life in which they depend on themselves and abide by the law."

On behalf of the military trainees, Internal Security Forces officer Bilal Al-Asmar thanked all those responsible for the success of this course which contributed to the preparation of the Security Forces officers and their integration with associations, specialists and lawyers to attain the essential goal of employing the best approach to deal with prisoners in order to implement the provisions of international conventions that support human rights.

In his speech, President of Irshad and Islah Association Engineer Jamal Mehio said “the association’s vision is to live up to ethics, to resist hazards and to protect human rights and dignity. This is an indispensable need in our country for every human being to live in our country with dignity, freedom and justice regardless of religion, sect or nationality.”

On behalf of BAU President, Dean of Faculty of Law and Political Science Professor Mohamed Hassan Kassem affirmed that "the prisoners are guilty and deserve punishment but remain human beings. Therefore, they must be granted all human rights which ensure their ability to be good citizens once again in their communities, thus achieving the goals of punishment and imprisonment: reform and refinement.”

Representing Major General Othman, Colonel Majid Ayoubi stressed the importance of this course for the prison officers in terms of improving their performance as well as gaining, developing and investing their knowledge in their daily work and dealing with prisoners. He emphasized the necessity of cooperation between such associations and government institutions for the sake of the community service and development.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates to the trainees.