Partnership agreement between Beirut Arab University And Dar Al Fatwa and Islamic Awqaf Department in Tripoli

25 October 2023


Beirut Arab University, represented by its President, Prof. Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, signed a partnership agreement with Dar Al Fatwa and the Islamic Awqaf Department in Tripoli represented by His Eminence the Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Imam for a period of three years having the aim of achieving advanced steps in developing scientific research and supporting economic and engineering development programs in particular.

The Secretary-General of BAU, Dr. Omar Houri, Director of Tripoli Branch, Dr. Hani Al-Shaarani, Tika Agency Coordinator in Lebanon, Mr. Ali Barish, Chargé d 'affaires of Zagharta, Ms. Iman Al-Rafei, Chargé d 'affaires of Miniyeh-Danniyeh Ms. Jean El-Khouli, Chargé d 'affaires of Becharre Mrs. Rouba Shafshak, Head of Awqaf Department in Tripoli His Eminence Sheikh Bassam Al Bustani, President of Ahdaf Foundation, Sheikh Dr. Mohammad Matraji, Judge Noor Al Assaad, members of the Supreme Islamic Sharia Council in the North, members of the Administrative Council of Awqaf Department in Tripoli, President of Al-Hamidi Charitable Endowment Sheikh Walid Alloush, a delegation from the Orders of Physicians in Tripoli, representatives of associations, representatives of the Zakat Fund in Tripoli, and a crowd of academic, social and economic figures and actors attended the ceremony.

The agreement included preparation and implementation of studies with social, economic and educational dimensions of two parties in research, development and community service fields. The parties also cooperate in organizing and holding scientific seminars and panel discussions on topics of mutual interest, as well as in designing and implementing joint training programs and courses for economics, development and social professionals.

The ceremony started with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Sheikh Dr. Ziad El Hajj followed by a welcoming speech by the head of the religious department in Islamic Awqaf Department in Tripoli Sheikh Firas Ballout. Then the architect of Awqaf Department, Mr. Hazim Aish, talked about the cooperation partnership between the Dar Al Fatwa and Beirut Arab University, which is based on cooperation in the field of seminars, training and research in addition to launching joint projects in engineering branches within the fields of Awqaf buildings and its properties.

The President of the University, Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, then talked about “the University's constant commitment to society and stated that this cooperation will be devoted in many areas such as research, scientific seminars, panel discussions and training in the field of buildings and facilities of the Dar Al Fatwa.”

In his speech, the Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Mohammad Imam confirmed in his speech that: "we are all trustees of the endowment wealth and this protocol aims to benefit from the scientific capabilities represented by the University to help support the change currently taking place in Dar Al Fatwa and the Awqaf Department in Tripoli and the North."