Opening the “Psychosocial Counselling Unit” At Beirut Arab University

29 February 2024


The Faculty of Human Sciences at Beirut Arab University opened the "Psychosocial Counselling Unit" in the presence of the President of the University, Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, Secretary-General, Dr. Omar Houri, Dean of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Professor Siddeeka Lasheen, Deans of faculties, faculty members and students.
This unit provides counselling services and interventions, including psychological, social and educational services for university students to enable them achieve psychosocial compatibility.
The unit seeks to promote self-development of students in need of psychological and social care and support through guidance and counselling sessions according to professional and ethical standards, as well as dissemination of psychological awareness.

The general objective of the Unit is to achieve students' mental health by:
-  Providing psychosocial counselling services to students.
-  Helping students develop their personalities and refine their skills.
-  Modifying unhealthy behaviours resulting from life and social stress.
-  Implementation of preventive and extension programmes for students.
-  Empowering students to manage their lives efficiently and improve their ability to solve their problems.
-  Working to disseminate psychological culture through different sectors at the university.

The idea of establishing this "unit" is part of the University's strategy and policy towards its surrounding to improve the conditions of its community and enable them achieve a healthier life.