Memorandum of Understanding between Beirut Arab University and the Lebanese Egyptian Business Council

25 August 2020


Beirut Arab University, represented by its President, Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, and the Lebanese-Egyptian Business Council represented by its President, Rabih Hassouna, signed a memorandum of understanding in the presence of the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Yasser Elwi. This memorandum aims to assist students with training programs "internship" in order to prepare these youth and qualify them to join the labor market.
The agreement provides training to the students of mechanical engineering, telecommunication engineering, petroleum engineering and pharmacy in accordance with the educational objectives set by the university through relevant programs proportional to the accreditation programs required for each faculty. The duration of the training course is 45 days.
The Council also shall create a Forum for students who graduated from this program within its organizational structure whereby the have the priority within the Council’s activity to promote to the Lebanese youth who wish to establish economic partnership with their Egyptian counterparts or who are interested to work in an Egyptian company.
The Head of the Commercial Representative Office at the embassy of Egypt, the Authorized Minister Dr. Mona Wahba mentioned, “We are keen in this training program that each trainee conducts a graduation project about an idea of an Egyptian-Lebanese integrative industry.  In addition, part of the training program shall deal with industrial policies for developing countries to achieve high rates of industrial growth so that the Lebanese trainee returns back where he will be an added value to the Lebanese industry."
The President of the Lebanese-Egyptian Business Council Rabih Hassouna spoke about the role of the Business Council through a plan and many projects that simulate the Lebanese youth and their aspirations that shall start today with this initiative and a series of other projects that will follow.
Professor Amr El-Adawi, President of the university, said in his speech, "This memorandum is a glimmer of hope for Lebanese students and youth in these difficult circumstances, because a university degree is not sufficient where they should be engaged in practical life. Rather, they need such training courses and we must work together to help and support them achieve their dreams through entrepreneurship. We thank the government and leadership of Egypt for these initiatives since it was among the first countries to support Lebanon and extend a helping hand at various levels.
Dr. Yasser Elwi, the Ambassador of Egypt, concluded, "Our goal is to support this initiative that begins with Beirut Arab University to include all the Lebanese territories.  There is an Egyptian mobilization from all segments of society because we are keen to establish business networks between Lebanon and Egypt, and this university is a witness on 60 years of cooperation so that Lebanon can regain the leading role it deserves”.