Inauguration of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan BAU Health Care Center

05 October 2020


The Inauguration of the “Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan” Health Care Center at BAU was held at Beirut Campus attended by the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates H.E. Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi and the President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El Adawi, Consultant of the Former Prime Minister Mr. Saad Hariri and Former Deputy Dr. Ammar Houri, President of Board of Trustees Dr. Said Jazaeri, Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, Faculty Deans in addition to the medical staff of the health care center and a delegation from the embassy.

Ms. Rima Chehab welcomed the attendees after inaugurating the center by unveiling the Memorial Plate. The Administrative Director of the Center Mr. Rabih Soubra elaborated through his presentation about the center and its sections, the Diagnostic Medical Laboratory and the Diagnostic Imaging Center. He also noted the active role that the center will play in the field of health care especially in these health and economic hard times though providing diagnostic services for any doctor to treat his patient by using x-rays, ultrasound and laboratory tests.

Soubra continued, “The center will be available to the members of the local community in all its segments in high quality as well as affordable prices. It will be also a university center to train students in the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences in addition to playing an active role in scientific research by providing the data that can be used.”

Professor El Adawi, President of the University, thanked this kind initiative and the generous funding from Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation through his Excellency the Ambassador who exerted great and intense effort to make this project come true and succeed. His Excellency also sought to equip the center with the best equipment to serve the community.

Professor El Adawi added, “The health sector at Beirut Arab University enjoys efficiency and credibility where the drug control laboratory at the Center of Consultations was approved as a central laboratory for medicine by the Ministry of Public Health. The university contributed in serving the community through the mobile dental clinic especially in Karantina area and in cooperation with Beirut Municipality. Beirut Arab University also has a physical therapy clinic that receives all patients. We, as a university, hope that these clinics are the nucleus to build a university hospital for Beirut Arab University and achieve the dream we are looking for since many years.

Then His Excellency the Ambassador Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi said: “This center which holds the name of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder and patron of renaissance of the United Arab Emirates “May God Bless His Soul” is a proof of the thought and vision launched by the founding father who was personally keen to continue establishing and developing everything related to health. By the wisdom and sobriety of its leaders the state occupied advanced ranks in various global therapeutic fields in fulfillments of Sheikh Zayed sayings who said ‘Raising the level of the citizen and state as a whole is the pioneer and above all. The state is like a tree that should have the care of its citizens and their concern of its development where every citizen must respect his country.”

His Excellency continued, “This center, which we are about to open, is an extension to the Primary Health Care Center by adding distinguished services and equipping it with the latest equipment taking into consideration the best quality standards by a fund from Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation”. In addition to health services the center will have an advanced role in the field of training students and provide opportunity of support to scientific research.”

At the end of the ceremony, Professor Amr Galal El Adawi, presented an honorary shield to the Ambassador H.E. Dr. Hamad Al Shamsi as a token of loyalty and appreciation for his efforts.