For the occasion of the International Women's Day and upon an invitation from BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi, Beirut Arab University welcomed Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, Ambassador Nabila Makram as well as Egyptian MP and President of the Egyptian Lebanese Parliamentary Friendship Association Dr. Suzy Adly Nashed.

Dr. Nashed gave a lecture on "The Role of Women in Political Life: A Reading of the Egyptian Constitution and its Amendments" in the presence of Minister Gebran Bassil represented by Ambassador Jean Macaron, MP Samy Gemayel represented by Dr. Lina Al-Jalakh, MP Nicola Sahnawi represented by Mr. Ramzi Dassoum and a crowd of interested audience.

She spoke of the “historical development of the role of women in political life and their right to participate in the international community,” highlighting “the history of the Egyptian women’s political participation in the modern times until the 2014 constitution was fairly amended for their benefit,” and maintaining that “these Egyptian women had the upper hand in the revolution of 30 June 2013 which moved Egypt from darkness to light.”

"Egyptian women enjoy great prestige among the spectra of society, and the amendment of the constitution came to consolidate the role of Egyptian women in building the society since they represent 48.4% of the total population," Adly continued, hoping that “a new constitution would be written in line with the new conditions and changes of the new stable and democratic Egypt.”

President El-Adawi also welcomed also Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs Ambassador Nabila Makram who toured the university faculties and facilities at Beirut and Debbieh Campuses.

During Makram’s meeting with the academic and administrative staff members, Professor El-Adawi praised her for being the creative minister who has been able to foster her ministry since 2015, communicate with all Egyptian expatriates, and take care of their interests.

In turn, Minister Makram thanked BAU President for his invitation and expressed her pleasure in this meeting, which helped her communicate with her compatriots, listen to their problems and present the services her ministry can provide, especially that she is keen to take care of the second and third generations through conferences such as Egypt Can.

As a token of loyalty and appreciation, President EL-Adawi presented the shield of the university to Makram and Adly.