Extortion and Cyberbullying Seminar at Beirut Arab University Protection and Awareness and Accountability against the aggressive phenomena... The need to raise awareness

05 March 2024


The Department of Sociology - Faculty of Human Sciences at Beirut Arab University organized a seminar entitled "Electronic Extortion and Cyberbullying", in cooperation with Justice Without Frontiers, in the presence of Captain Elie Dagher of the Cybercrime Unit, President of justice Without Frontiers, Lawyer Brigitte Shalpian, Faculty Dean Professor Sideeka Lasheen, Dr. Iman Alywan from the Mass Communication Department, students and crowd of interested audience.
The Head of Sociology Department Dr. Doha Al Ashkar said in the opening speech: “Extortion and cyberbullying are a phenomenon of aggression that has been known by human communities at every time and in all places. There is no doubt that technological development and the prevalence of social media have contributed to the initiation of these abhorrent acts and the increase in the number of those who are affected.”
She continued: “Given the increasing behaviours that can be characterized as crime in contemporary societies, especially in Lebanon, we will, in cooperation with Justice Without Frontiers, highlight this issue”.

Two short films were then shown during the seminar to explain about cyberbullying and how a person uses his or her powers to harm another person while concealing his or her identity.
Lawyer Shalpian then addressed various types of violence and bullying that may be physical, psychological, verbal, social and electronic. Besides the roles in bullying are the victim, the bully, the bully's supporters, the defender and the spectator.
She stated that "bullying is a type of moral violence that is the most difficult type of violence affecting a person's decisions and actions. Bullying is an offence not directly discussed by the law, but there are articles on cyberbullying and its punishment that may reach 15 years in case there are severe consequences such as trafficking in human beings and others.
From his part, Captain Dagher gave several examples of bullying and extortion, noting that "The Cybercrime Unit was established in 2006 and is the only one in Lebanon to investigate these types of crimes. We note the increasing number of complaints that may reach 50-60 per day.”
Dagher continued: “Extortion not only affects girls but also affects everybody and the offender who was physically committing the crime, now commits it electronically. The only solution is to raise awareness and that schools shall be strict on the issues of bullying, and I wish that a more specific law on cybercrime should be issued.
The seminar thus concluded by wishing that the young generation shall be aware and there is a need for respect for human beings.