Erasmus+ MORALE At Beirut Arab University

13 June 2023


Beirut Arab university hosted the Erasmus + MORALE conference entitled "Capacity building for curricula modernization of Syrian and Lebanese HEIs and lifelong learning provision”. It was held at BAU- Beirut Campus in the presence Dr. Ammar Houry, President of the Board of Trustees, and members of the academic and administrative staff, representatives of partner institutions, staff and volunteers of non-governmental organizations, and representatives from universities.
 The conference aimed to gather academics, researchers, university students and NGO staff to disseminate the results of the MORALE project on:
- Qualifications required for the NGO labour market.
- Improved curricula and preparing and presenting relevant courses of lifelong education (LLL courses).
- Policies and recommendations on NGOs in Syria and Lebanon.
- Impact, achievements and sustainability of the MORALE project.

Opening speeches were given by: The president of Beirut Arab University Prof Amr ElAdawi, represented by Prof. Sobhi Abou Chahine, Dean of Student Affairs (BAU), Coordinator of MORALE project, Prof. Aref Al Soufi, Coordinator for the National Erasmus+ Office in Lebanon, Mrs. Orla Colclough Project Officer at the Delegation of the European Union -Lebanon and Dr. Mazen Al Khatib, Acting Director General of Higher Education in Lebanon.
The Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Arab International University in Syria, Dr. Moaz Al Sherfawi, presented the proposal for recommendations to strengthen the higher education system (HE) in Lebanon and Syria with regard to NGO-related education.

The Project teams in Lebanon and Syria shared their experiences, discussing the developed courses, outcomes achieved and the overall impact of the MORALE Project in both countries. The Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the at Lebanese University, Dr. Salim Makdesi highlighted Lebanon's progress, while Dr. Suleiman Mousselli from Damascus University provided insight into Syria's experience in the project.

The concluding conference developed a platform to assess and present the impact, achievements and sustainability of the MORALE project, and to facilitate discussions and future directions of long-term viability