Under the auspices of HE Minister of Industry Wael Abou Faour, represented by the Head of the Department of Industrial Cities and Areas Engineer Shantal Akl, the Faculty of Engineering at Debbieh Campus inaugurated its 20th Engineering Day under the title of “The City of the Future”. Students from the different faculty levels and departments presented more than 80 projects from designs, models and devices in the fields of civil and environmental engineering, communications, electronics, electrical power and machines, as well as computer, industrial, petroleum and mechanical engineering. In addition to these projects, the international engineering academic societies that play a prominent role in the development of the students’ skills in different disciplines were also participants in the exhibition.

After the Lebanese Anthem and BAU Anthem, Rawan Halabi, a 4th-year Mechanical Engineering student, opened the event saying, “Organizing the Engineering Projects Day and presenting many projects designed by students are a clear demonstration of the capabilities allotted by the university to serve its students and its interest in their potentials. The the real investment is to support scientific innovation and to inform the local community, institutions and companies, which will harness the students’ projects to serve the society and meet its needs, and make it easier for graduates to join the job market."

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Professor Adel Al-Kurdi stressed, "Today, students present state-of-the-art projects about various sectors, bodies, institutions and pioneers in order to highlight their scientific and engineering creations. The faculty has achieved advanced ranks based on the testimony of internationally recognized accreditation and ranking bodies. The projects fall within the framework of today’s needs and future requirements, locally and globally, with respect to the use of alternative energy and reducing pollution.”

BAU President Professor Amr Galal El-Adawi pointed out that “the engineering projects exhibition is annually held by the faculty because BAU always strives for development and innovation. The future is embodied in the youths’ new ideas, regardless of their faculties, so we can launch these ideas and create new job opportunities.”

“BAU always seeks to achieve such goals, and therefore participated in the goals of the United Nations 2030 and was able to take charge of the SDGS goal No. 9 based on Innovation-Industry-Infrastructure. We also aim to achieve other goals from 16 countries. BAU is the only Arab university to hold this set of goals,” El-Adawi continued.

Engineer Shantal Akl expressed her happiness for attending the Engineering Projects Day, saying “We, at the Ministry of Industry, fearlessly take, not wait for, initiatives and today engineers enjoy an engineering spirit which should be employed for the eradication of the waiting disease. The ministry will be waiting to meet with you and offer consultations, irrespective of your disciplines, hoping your future projects will tackle engineering, technical, social and national realms.”

The opening ceremony concluded with ribbon-cutting followed by the President’s tour on the exhibition with the audience.