Digital Transformation and Digital Economy Seminar

31 January 2020


The Center for Continuing and Professional Education at Beirut Arab University organized a lecture entitled “Digital Transformation and Digital Economy” held at Ali Rached Hall- Beirut Campus.

The lecture was attended by the Academic and the Non- Academic Staff and delivered by Prof. Samir El- Masri, Chief Executive Officer at Digitalization, Professor of Digital Technologies, Blockchain Expert and Digital Management Expert.

The lecture dealt with the world transformation from the traditional electronic economy towards a digital economy in the 21st Century using new digital business models empowered by new emerging digital technologies such as Analytics, AI, IIOT and Blockchain.

Prof. El Masri focused on how the digital economy requires new digital skillsets to transform themselves to become digital leaders otherwise; they will be irrelevant to the new digital market. He emphasized on the importance of the Digital Leaders in helping to digitally transform their companies and organizations to become part of the digital economy mentioning that companies and organizations that fail to transform into digital economy will certainly disappear.