Cooperation Agreement between Beirut Arab University and Moulay Ismail University

23 January 2020


Beirut Arab University represented by its President Professor, Amr Gala El Adawi, signed a five-year cooperation agreement with Moulay Ismail University (Morocco) represented by its President Professor, Hassane Sahbi. The agreement aims to establish collaborative scientific and cultural ties in science, thought, culture, arts, and human sciences.

This agreement also aims to enrich scientific and cultural knowledge in the fields of arts and human sciences as well as the educational and teaching curricula. In addition, it encourages joint scientific research in different specializations, organizing scientific conferences and seminars discussing common issues between the two universities, as well as revitalizing literary heritage through printing and publishing the oral cultural heritage of the people of Lebanon and Morocco.

Moreover, the agreement entails exchanging students, especially Masters and Ph.D., every academic year. The two parties also discussed the possibility of establishing a center or institute of Moroccan and Lebanese civilization and culture at both universities respectively to serve as a bridge for communication, cultural, and scientific partnership.