Beirut Arab University launched its sixtieth Batch

02 September 2023


In the presence of its Newly Appointed President Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, Beirut Arab University launched its sixtieth Batch: Innovation is the Title of the Next Phase, and Aspirations to Promote Scientific Research and Community Service

Beirut Arab University celebrated the launch of its 60th batch at the University's campus in Debbieh. The total number of graduates were 2,119 graduates from its ten faculties holding bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

His Excellency the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Nabih Berri, represented by Deputy Ghazi Zaiter, His Excellency Mr. Fouad Siniora, Deputy Taymur Jumblatt represented by Deputy Faisal Al-Sayegh, Deputy Ibrahim Mneimneh, Deputy Dr. Halimah Kaakour, His Excellency Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Administration of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mr. Toufic Krishan, and the accompanying Jordanian delegation, Chargé d 'affaires at the Sudanese Embassy, Ms. Sarah Idriss, Chargé d' affaires at the Iraqi Embassy in Lebanon, Amin Abdul Ilah Nasrawi, President of Alexandria University, Professor Abdel Aziz Konsowa, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and member of the Egyptian Senate, Professor Ahmed Zayed, Vice-President of Alexandria University for Community Service and Environmental Development Affairs Professor Saeed Allam, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bir wal Ihsan and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University, Dr. Ammar Houry, Presidents of orders and Syndicates, University Presidents, Chairmen’s of hospital boards, Heads of Institutions and Associations, BAU Secretary-General, Dr. Omar Houri and a large crowd of educational, economic, municipal, spiritual, social representatives and families of graduates attended the ceremony

The ceremony started with the recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Sheikh Mazen Hariri, the Lebanese national anthem and the university anthem. Then, Mrs Zina Al Ariss, Director of Public Relations and Communications, delivered a speech in which she advised the graduates, saying, "Today, is a great day for us and for our graduates. A day that is overwhelmed with joy and a tear full of happiness for the graduation of our children, a tearful parting of those who graduated in the most difficult and dire circumstances of our beloved country. You are this promising generation despite all the bumps and pitfalls. You are the young women and men of this country. This homeland is your fate and it is firmly rooted in your mind and heart no matter how hard this homeland is on you. Don't break it, don't beat it, don't let it down, don't punish it, always try to keep it and hold its name high no matter how far you are. Whoever doesn’t have a homeland will never have an identity, and who has no identity is a static number that does not move ".

Then, Youssef Al Amin, a student in the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Mass Communication addressed his colleagues, saying, "Do you really don't know what you reaped? By God, you have fought greed and difficulty in courage and resilience. You have been a model of determination and defiance and also in the face of the great obstacles you faced. You were not broken, yes you were not broken but you have learned how to confront challenges with confidence. It is said that hard times reveal the real power of people. And you have revealed your strength and ability to adapt and endure.”

Al Amin continued “Today, we are all at Beirut Arab University, we pay tribute to our steadfastness and success. We were not defeated and we will not break. Raise your heads high, you are the graduates of 2023. You rose from your alienation and setbacks. You proved to the world that you are consistent in your hopes. lift your caps high... And sing with your success.”

Then Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, President of the University said: “The thrust of promises and challenges does not postpone dreams. After decades of the successes at BAU in general and its medical and health fields it is now the time that every one of us shall put in his mind the foundation stone for the next step and achievement. It is the establishment of the Beirut Arab University Hospital that embraces all what the faculties have accumulated such as experiences, excellence and training. It would be a sign of hope that adorns Lebanon's medical sector with the signature of Beirut Arab University that shall provide excellent medical and health services and support our scientific and health faculties with greater respect ".

Abdel Salam continued: “With scientific research we preserve innovation. With it we renew convictions and theories, we open up prospects for community participation in a scientific field that is realistic and transparent. This is a task that our humanities and scientific faculties are ready for by using their facilities, libraries, laboratories and clinics. Thus, we are launching new programs for the bachelors, license and postgraduate degrees that align with changes in certain jobs.

The President also pointed out, "In this accelerated time, let me consider innovation as the title of the next phase, because it is the only way, capable of addressing the challenges of the labor market in a pace that suits the speed of the digital world, artificial intelligence and other technologies that are formulating our present and future world.

The university challenge today is to prove to all the world that any abandonment of the human element in the scientific and cultural scene is the beginning of the fall of civilization and identity. Thus the renewed scientific research is only a weapon of to protect the human being and his ideas”.

At the end of the ceremony, university certificates were distributed to graduates and outstanding students who obtained Issam Houri and Jamal Abdel Nasser awards. Then the ceremony ended with fireworks.