Beirut Arab University celebrates the graduation of the tenth Batch at Tripoli Campus

09 September 2023


Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam: The University's goal is to be a key player on the road to the comprehensive advancement of our beloved Tripoli
Beirut Arab University celebrated the graduation of the tenth batch from the faculties of Tripoli branch. The total number of graduates were 234 holding the bachelor’s degree and 24 holding post graduate degrees from the faculties of Business Administration, Architecture-Design and Built Environment, Engineering, Science and Health Sciences.
Former deputies Misbah Al-Ahdab and Ali Darwish, Army Commander General Joseph Aoun represented by Brigadier General Elie Al-Bissari, His Excellency the Mufti of Tripoli Sheikh Mohammed Tarek Imam, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Bir Wal Ihsan, Presidents of orders and Syndicates, University Presidents, Heads of Institutions and Associations, BAU Secretary-General, Dr. Omar Houri and a large crowd of political, economic, municipal, spiritual, social representatives and families of graduates attended the ceremony
The ceremony started with the procession of graduates, then the procession of the University President, deans, academic staff and faculty directors followed by the Lebanese national anthem and the university anthem in addition to a recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Engineer Omar Kabbara.
Ms. Nala Makkouk hosted the ceremony and addressed the graduates: “The success of our students today is in their endurance ability and our university's ability to lay the solid foundations, which aim to create opportunities and realize the dreams of young people which are unlimited by any circumstance or any place or time.”
Makkouk continued: “Beirut Arab University is committed to make a qualitative transition in education and human development; therefore, our students are respected in all areas and fields where they face an ongoing challenge to be ambassadors of future change, and a voice for innovation and sustainability."

The student Maria El Husseini from the Faculty of Human Sciences, majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics read the speech of graduates. She said: “During this three-year journey, I walked in reluctant strides at the beginning, then I ran. I tripped, I laughed, I cried, I felt hopeless and then I felt again the hope till I reached my feeling today: A sense of pride... I entered this beautiful place as a student whose weapon is a beautiful dream and here, I am graduating equipped with experiences that cannot be obtained elsewhere, and friends who are least said to be siblings of soul who were the backbone and support and they will always remain so.”

She added: “To everybody who accompanied us at every phase and every hand stretched to lift us up as we stumble, we say our journey to a better future in our beloved country despite of difficulties; let us rejoice and be ambassadors of youth, Lebanon and the sons of Beirut Arab University.”
In his speech, Professor Wael Nabil Abdel Salam, President of the University said: “Tripoli deserves an urgent interactive action from all of us to enhance its reality at all scientific, practical and developmental levels. This city, which has made sacrifices instead of us all deserves to be rewarded by looking forward to a better future for it and for its creative sons.”
Abdel Salam continued: “For these reasons and many more, Beirut Arab University affirms to remain beside this city with all the expertise, capabilities and facilities to be a partner in forming the future landscape in Tripoli and the north, keeping pace with our accelerated times and challenges that can only be met with a participatory approach that unites efforts and raises the institutional sentiment so that everyone of us shall be responsible for preserving achievements and push us to achieve more ".

The President added: "The community in Tripoli shall be waiting for static and mobile health and medical centers that the university will send to identify the city's medical and health needs where the best members of academic staff of health faculties, doctors and nurses that the university is proud of and confident that they will put everything they learnt in their university and what they were trained on for their beloved city in difficult circumstances are following-up and supervising.
The objective of the University, through its efforts, is to be a key player in the comprehensive advancement of the beloved Tripoli ".

At the end of the ceremony, university certificates were distributed to graduates and outstanding students. Then the ceremony ended with fireworks.