Beirut Arab University - Tripoli Branch Hosts the Presidents of Unions of Arab Writers

02 April 2024


Beirut Arab University Tripoli branch hosted the seminar of the Presidents of Arab Writers' Unions entitled "Palestine the Resistance of Identity and History", by the invitation of the Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammad Wissam Al Mourtada, in cooperation with the Union of Lebanese Writers and the Lebanese Cultural Forum, as part of the activities of "Tripoli Capital of Arab Culture for the year 2024”.
The event was attended by the Mufti of Tripoli and the North Sheikh Mohammad Imam, Former Deputy and Minister Former President of the Bar Association Samir Al Jisr, Deputies General Ashraf Rifi, Jamil Abboud, Ihab Hamadeh, Representatives of Deputies Faisal Karami, Haidar Nasser and Ihab Matar, Secretary-General of the Arab Writers' Union Dr. Alaa Abdel Hadi, Chairman of the National Committee of UNESCO Shawki Yassine, Presidents of the Writers Unions in Syria, Morocco, Sudan, Iraq, Algeria, Palestine, Mayors, Secretary-General of Beirut Arab University Dr. Omar Houri, Director of BAU Tripoli Branch Dr. Hani Al Shaarani, and a crowd of spiritual, social and cultural figures and university students.
The Secretary-General of Beirut Arab University Dr. Omar Houri, talked about the tragedy of the Palestinian people and the role of BAU, which is at the forefront of humanitarian issues especially the cause of Palestine.
Also speeches were delivered by the Presidents of Unions of Iraq Ali Fawwaz and Algeria Youssef Shakra and Palestine Mourad Soudani, in addition to Bishop Antoine Makhael, Father Ibrahim Al-Darbali and Poet Germanos Germanos, who delivered a poem on the occasion.
The Minister of Culture, Judge Mohammad Wissam Al Mourtada, said: "Perhaps it is the true reading of history in the light of the present that leads to the expectation of the future. Gaza, which is subjected to the massacre of genocide, is under the clinical death of the world’s conscience, if the world has conscience which proclaims its steadfastness every day a victory after a victory, reminds us that the great battles of human civilization usually live on destruction and blood. The victims are many martyrs and innocent people, but the victory is always the ally of the right and its companions, and whoever reflects on what happened since October 7 till today finds that many things like this despite the horrors of Gaza and its residents, it has become stops on the definite path of victory as a result of sacrifices that only those who have a free faith and free will can proceed ".