BAU Volunteers hand in hand to clean up the wreckage

14 August 2020


In frame of the Lebanese community effort and response to Beirut massive explosion that occurred on 04/08/2020. As Beirut Arab University is committed to public engagement and social responsibility during the uncertain times, several initiatives on students’ level were organized hand in hand with more than 150 proud BAU students from all faculties and majors.

After performing a damage survey on affected areas the Student Activities Department In collaboration with different BAU departments, BAU HRC, and social clubs such as the DSC, and the Lebanese Red Cross youth department organized a repair campaign that targeted damaged public schools in Beirut:

- Raml Al Zarif Mixed Public School

- Salma Sayegh Public School

- Tabaris Mixed Public School

- Basta Mixed Public School

- Omar Hamad Elementary School

- Amin Bayham Public School

- Tarik Al Jadida Public School

Ending the week on 13/08/2020 the repair of our home, Volunteers from students, administrative and academic staff members patched the wounds of our beloved BAU that suffered hefty damages.

Huge thank you to all the volunteers that made all of this possible

Together, we will rise again and will continue our duty in community service through BAU facilities.