Aiming to motivate the young to engage in entrepreneurship through urging them to put forward and implement ideas for new projects that contribute to the creation of prospective career opportunities, Beirut Arab University organized an exhibition for the 41 student projects from all faculties in Tripoli Branch. The event was attended by MP. Dr. Ali Darwish, President of the Municipality of Tripoli Mr. Ahmad Kamareddine, President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture in Tripoli Mr. Toufic Dabbousi, BAU Vice-President for Tripoli Branch Affairs Professor Khaled Baghdadi, Deputy Secretary General for BAU Tripoli Branch Mr. Mohammad Hammoud, BAU Tripoli Branch Coordinator Mr. Ahmad Sankari, Acting President of the Economic Zone Dr. Hassan Dinnawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Intelligile Dr. Oussama Ziadeh, as well as faculty directors, academic staff members and students.

After the Lebanese National Anthem and BAU Anthem, Professor Baghdady welcomed the audience, encouraging students to “take interest in building their capacities and seek to secure their own opportunities by creating new ideas and developing them to become real projects that contribute to meeting their aspirations and dreams on the one hand, and to stimulate economic development in the region which is undergoing major changes on the other.”

After examining the projects presented in the exhibition, Dr. Ziadeh pointed out the “importance of persevering in the development of these ideas to the next stages of implementation, as patience and determination to overcome obstacles are the most important factors to achieve success.”

In his speech, Dabbousi stressed that “success requires seriousness, positive thinking and perseverance, and the necessity for the youth to believe in their dreams and aspirations.”

For MP Darwish, “the most wonderful thing for the young to have is the challenge that is expressed today through your participation in this exhibition. This challenge will always exist, especially in our current circumstances. Therefore, the youth should enjoy better capabilities by developing their knowledge and focusing on a specific theme because the world is moving towards finer disciplines in every field, and survival is for the best, the bravest and the most productive".

After the audience had toured the projects voted for, the project that received the most votes was announced: ‘Give the Land and Take the Keys’ for students Ahmed Amara from the Faculty of Business Administration, Mohammed Diab from the Faculty of Engineering and Akram Lagha from the Faculty of Architecture - Design and Built Environment.