BAU Student from the Faculty of Business Administration wins BLOM Invest Competition

21 September 2020


The Business Club at the Faculty of Business Administration organizes many cultural and applied activities in addition to training courses that accompany the students of the faculty who aim for direct communication between students and the business sector in all fields.

For the third consecutive year, the Business Club in cooperation with BLOM Invest participated in BLOM Invest Stock Exchange National Competition. This competition is organized for all universities in Lebanon and is divided into two phases. In the first stage, students from the same university compete and the best is be selected. In the second stage, the competition will be between students of the participating universities where students compete in the field of investment in global stock markets to achieve virtual profits.

The student Salem Shatila won the second place at the Lebanese universities level where he received 10,000,000 as a prize from BLOM Invest.

It is worth noting that the students participating in this competition underwent training in the Dealing Room in the university. This room serves as a specialized financial laboratory that develops their skills and their abilities in dealing in stocks and their global financial derivatives.