BAU Psycho-social Unit

14 August 2020

Beirut Arab University’s concept of social responsibility towards the Lebanese society has manifested itself over the years on various educational, academic and social levels, through crises and unpleasant events, in particular the recent dramatic events of August 4th, 2020. The explosion of the Beirut Port has aggravated the suffering of the people in this country, in particular the psychological suffering that requires immediate psychological intervention to help the distressed overcome this crisis towards a gradual return to a normal life style. The Faculty of Human Sciences, as part of the diverse services rendered by Beirut Arab University to the Lebanese community in this crisis, proposes to offer psychological guidance and support, through the following:

  1. To receive all those who suffer psychologically in reaction to the Beirut Port incident, as well as subsequent loss or grief, at the Psycho-social Unit, the Faculty of Human Sciences, Beirut Arab University (Hariri Building, Floor 10), as of 17th August 2020, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.
  2. In collaboration with Radio Liban, a four-week live program will be held every Friday at 10:30 am to receive calls from the audience, to respond to their questions on all topics relevant to trauma and PTSD at various ages, and to offer advice and psychological first aid, as well as coping strategies that enhance resilience, and mechanisms to restore confidence and a positive outlook for Lebanon.

For further information please call the hotline 70/999036