BAU Organized a Collaborative Meeting for the Occasion of the International Youth Day

12 August 2021


For the occasion of the International Youth Day, Beirut Arab University hosted a Youth Meeting with the UN Assistant Secretary-General, Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator Najat Rochdi with representatives from UNESCO, UNFPA and UNODC.

The meeting included presentations of the Youth innovative initiatives in responding to the explosion of Port Beirut on the 4th of August 2020. It also included presentations and discussions from the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University, which aimed to develop children’s emotional attachment to the territory of Beirut Blast through activating their participation in the construction of cognitive maps strategically designed in a game environment under the supervision of the Faculty Dean, Professor Ibtihal Y. El-Bastawissi. Moreover, the Youth Against Corruption (YAC) initiative “Empowering youth against corruption” also presented their activities aiming to strengthen youth capacity in creating innovative anti-corruption projects.